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Human Capital Value

How can organizations realize the value healthy humans create and link that to Organizational Value? And how might this connect to Community Value? What information are you using to inform your organization’s strategic decisions about human capital value?

Since 2014, we have been studying Human Capital Value. On our research website, we share our findings, insights and assessments. It is important that we share all we have learned and to learn more with opportunities to speak, conduct workshops and continue our research. We are currently seeking organizations to be a part of testing our Individual and Organizational Value Assessments.


Treating engagement and culture as outcomes serves to shift the entire organizational strategy. It requires a commitment to the individual as well as trust. However, it may be one of the most important changes you make for your company today.

From 2012-2014 we studied Purpose in the workplace. We published a book detailing our findings and regularly engage with other thought leaders and teams interested in how they can develop Purpose as a Value. As a core input into how people bring their best. We have developed an assessment to measure individual purpose and invite you to engage with us in additional research and dialogue.

The Human Value Institute tackles these tough questions with our partners and clients through research, education, and customized consulting services. We look forward to sharing our insights and expertise with you. For more details and to review our Value Assessments, connect with us at The Human Value Institute.

Nurses, A Profession of Purpose-driven MASTERY

Upon the foundation of IDENTITY and SERVICE, we introduce the third attribute from which purpose can thrive – MASTERY. From our extensive research with nurses, we learned about the various versions of becoming or being an expert, excelling at different stages of one’s career, drive to continuously improve and moving from a skills orientation to a systems orientation. Purpose from having Mastery comes from the ability to learn from interactions at work, with those with whom they interact to lead, teach, heal and learn. Growth gained through interactions with other humans is at the heart of how Mastery is defined.

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Nurses, A Profession of Purpose-driven SERVICE

Upon the foundation of IDENTITY, we learned that nurses build a sense of purpose from a theme called SERVICE.  From meeting with nurses we learned about the experiences that instill a sense of purpose, we heard “to help people” from every single nurse. The desire...

Nurses, A Profession of Purpose-driven IDENTITY

Nurses are among the most trusted of all professions. Therefore, it is only natural to assume that their customers — the patients and families with whom they provide a healing service — believe in their abilities more than any other profession. Our lives are in the...

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