Fundamentals of Sustainability

Fundamentals of Sustainability for Physician Leaders

Value-based Leadership: Responsible, Integrated, Restorative Strategies

06/23/2016 – 06/25/2016 | 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm


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Intent of Course: Prepare and introduce physicians to be leaders of value creation and risk management using environmental and social impact through the system of healthcare business. To facilitate learning of dialogue and decision making about creating value and reducing waste.

Designed For: Physicians interested in the value challenge and the intersection of innovative sustainability practices that reduce cost and restore resources.


Dr. Dale BlockSteph SharmaBen RankinManuhuia Barcham and Brenna Davis

Learning Approach

  • On-line discussion and in person discussions
  • Pre-course check-in conference call 1:1
  • Flipped classroom principles (prep work before, highly interactive)


  • On-line application (roles, goals, background, etc.) (20 minutes)
  • Individual interview and preparation call (1 hour)
  • Pre-reading & exercises for prepared learning (4 hours)




Pre-course happy hour, introductions, clarify individual intent                       (Thursday eve, 2 hrs)


MODULE 1: Introduction to The Business of Healthcare                                  (Friday 8am, 3 hrs)

Participants will learn to evaluate healthcare through the business lens with an introduction to integrating sustainability into the health care delivery system, and the value equation. Learning and discussions will develop participants to think strategically about value and leadership in their respective healthcare organizations.

MODULE 2: Cost Conundrum, An Understanding of Waste                              (Friday 12pm, 4 hrs)

A deeper dive  into the value equation as it  relates to the excessive waste in healthcare as a whole. Impacts within the healthcare delivery system that affect expenses and profitability are introduced.  Participants utilize tools and supporting resources when evaluating their ‘world.’

Friday DINNER CHALLENGE:                                                                              (Friday eve, 2 hours)
MODULE 3: An Emergent Solution: Conscious Systems                                 (Saturday 8am, 3 hours)

Learners discuss sustainability and social responsibility solutions and methodologies for implementing change within a healthcare organization as it relates to managing expenses. Strategies for initial discussions, gaining traction amongst senior leadership, and managing change will be shared with participants. A guest panel of healthcare professionals who have successfully led change initiatives will close out the morning session.

MODULE 4: Healthcare Stewardship: Integrated Strategy                                (Saturday 11am, 4 hrs)

The final segment of the course will address the new role of leadership and strategic thinking in changing behaviors and enhancing value of care. Participants will work through activities designed to identify and think through existing challenges and initiate discussions and action. Ideas for next-in-series courses and personalized leadership coaching will be outlined.

Certificates & Commitments                                                                                  (Saturday 3pm, 1 hour)


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