Cuba Exchange

Physician Leadership Course in Prevention

An educational Exchange with medical and cultural leaders in Cuba

Course begins January 2017!


Cuba has three historically defining attributes that make it a wonderful country on which to build healthcare exchanges: community physicians, preventative health, and medical internationalism.

 Cuba represents an important alternative example where modest infrastructure investments combined with a well-developed public health strategy have generated health status measures comparable with those of industrialized countries. – Journal of Epidemiology, ’06

Amidst significant resource constraints, Cuba was built upon a ‘prevention is cheaper than illness’ model. This (and other factors) has resulted in Cuba having some of the best health outcomes in the world. In 2015, Cuba was the first country to eliminate the mother-to-child transmission of HIV.  In 2016 The Human Value Institute at LEAD the difference in the United States is hosting: A course in Innovative Preventative Healthcare with Cuba. In partnership with Cross Cultural Journeys and experts in Cuba, our intent is to connect providers with a uniting focus on prevention contrasted with community health concerns including diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia.

Check out more details at The Human Value Institute course page OR contact us for an information packet. 



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